GB Promotion and BlueCloud join forces

Two companies with many years of experience are starting cooperation which is to raise the level of services and broaden the fields of activity. The partnership between GB Promotion and BlueCloud will allow us to better respond to market requirements in difficult and unpredictable times.

GB Promotion is an interactive agency founded in 2014, based on years of marketing, PR and Internet experience. During this time, it has served over 250 companies from various industries. Responsible for media images, creating virtual and real creations. Everything that is included in the word promotion.

BlueCloud has been on the market for nearly 10 years, but similarly to GB Promotion, the team’s experience extends much further. During this time, it has completed over 100 tailor-made projects for clients from Europe, the USA and the Middle East. He specializes in new technologies and applications, creating proprietary projects – both software and devices.

– The cooperation will allow us to exchange rich experiences, which will certainly be useful in even better customer service. Both companies have their own fields of specialization that complement each other very well. We want to take advantage of this to provide the best possible services and products, says Gabriel Borowy, owner of GB Promotion. Wojciech Kubik, co-founder of BlueCloud Sp. z o.o., adds: – I really like the way the GB Promotion team works. An unconventional, creative approach fits in with our strategy. This is the only way we can act in times when the question “is it possible” no longer exists, but “for when”. Together we will try to strive for even better results and unique implementations.